Welcome buster is a song in The Chica Show, and is heard in the episode, the arrival of buster.


  • Bonnie: (giggles) welcome buster! Glad to see ya!
  • Freddy: how is it? Long time no see!
  • Foxy: rrrrr! Are you a pirate like me?
  • Chica: pizza! (Would you like a pizza for your stay?)
  • All (except buster): welcome buster! 3X
  • Buster: Ben a while since I was here! This place still looks great! I remember when I was discontinued!
  • Bonnie: see you brought your son buster jr!
  • Baby foxy: hi! Buster jr never seen you in a while!
  • Buster jr: hi! Foxy jr! 
  • All ( except buster): welcome buster 5X

Song ends

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