AllTheFunnyThings (ATFT)

  • I live in The Milky Way Galaxy
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Sitting around all day
  • I am Male
  • AllTheFunnyThings (ATFT)

    If you look at these two pictures that were both published by Scott Cawthon, you can see that the new foxy in these two pictures don't match up. This could have been that Scott changed his mind...or maybe not. The new foxy in the left picture has a more pointed lower jaw, while the the new foxy in the right picture has a curved mouth. The new foxy in the right picture also doesn't seem to have fur from what we can see from it, while the new foxy in the left picture does. That foxy also has glowing eyes just as the old one, unlike the new foxy in the right picture. The left picture foxy could possible be the old one coming back for revenge, but who knows, seeing as the old foxy also doesn't have the pointed lower jaw.

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