Toy Buster Is Buster's Counter Part That Appears In FNaF 2. His Gender Is Male Like Toy Bonnie. He IS Toy Bonnie's Brother And Buster's Counterpart. Toy Buster Is Known To Be Active From From Night 1 To Night 3. On Night 5 He Will Get Active Again. During Night 4 He Is Really Inactive With Old Freddy Taking On His Role For This Night.

Toy Buster
Character Information
Known as Buster Or Toy Buster The Bunny
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Gender Male
Color Green
Occupation Entertaining Kids
Starting location Show Stage
First appearance Night 1
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown


Toy Buster's Pattern Is Really Interesting Because He Starts On The Show Stage Then The Restrooms Then The Parts/Service Then The Hall Way And The Right Vent. He Enters The Left Vent SUPER Rarely. So He Is The Only Animatronic To Enter The Parts/Service And The Only Animatronic To Enter Both Vents.


Toy Buster Also Has A Interesting Behavior. He Is Active On Between 3 AM And 4 AM. In Night 4 He Really RARELY Moves During Between 4 AM And 5 AM.


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