Tony the disco zombie.

Appearence:Tony is a disco zombie from the popular game plants vs zombies.He takes the same appearence from the game just in 3d.He also has a top hat on his afro.

Behavior:Tony will starts on the show stage then head to the bathrooms then the dining area. He will then head to the east hall then east hall corner.if the right door isnt closed he will jumpscare you.He can also attack if the power goes out.

Backstory:Tony was first found in zombosses lair.He was fixed and put on stage.This is the events of five nights at zombosses.After the restuarnt closed down 5 years later the place reopened with a toy version of tony.The old tony was used for parts.This is the events of five nights at zombosses 2.After the 2nd place shut down 80 years later they made a new amusement park called zombosses Humor:The amusement park.Tony became a phantom.However the place burned down because the purple man burned it down.5 Century's later they made a museum called zombosses treasure:The muesem.,Tony was redesigned to be called nightmare tony.But the place was bombed later on.


*Tony is based off of freddy.

*He is probably the only one with glasses.