This is the story of Stormy the Pirate Fox. Foxy's Brother.

"Yarr, I be Stormy the Pirate Fox, I be Foxy's Brother." Stormy usually preformed good, But today, he did something different. The place just opened, this time Stormy stayed in Pirate Cove instaid of preforming. "Why dident you preform today Stormy?" Foxy Asked. "I was just wondering, How are we alive?" Stormy asked. "We are not really living, we are just robots possessed by spirits." Foxy Replied. "Im going to go try to kill the nightguard, lets go Stormy." Foxy said. "I dont feel like killing the nightguard." Stormy said. "Suit yourself then, Stormy." Foxy said.


The place opens again, Stormy chose to not preform today either. "Stormy, Arent you preforming?" Foxy asked. "No, i dont really feel like it." Stormy replied. "Ummm, okay." Foxy said. "How did i come to existence? Why am i stuck here? Where did i come from?" Stormy asked himself quietly. The place closes, like usual. "Stormy, Why dident you preform today?" Foxy asked. "Brother, i really dont feel like it." Stormy replied. "Stormy, you cant just keep doing this everyday." Foxy said. "Brother, its just that, These questions got injected and stuck into my brain." Stormy said. "Brother, like I said yesterday, forget about that." Foxy replied. "Brother, i cant forget, its stuck in my head." Stormy Said.


"Imma see what Stormy is up to." Foxy said quietly. Foxy looked in pirate cove silently to see what Stormy was doing. "Why am I here?" "Who created me?" "How am i here?" Stormy sighed all these questions to himself. "He is still stuck on that stupid topic?" Foxy whispered to himself. "I think i got a guy to help him." Foxy said. Then Stormy noticed that Foxy was spying on him. Stormy misunderstood and thought that Foxy was stalking him. "Foxy, what the heck are you doing!?" Stormy said alarmed. "Stormy, i got a guy to help you with this situation." Foxy said. "Okay bring me to him." Stormy said. Foxy and Stormy walked to Golden Freddy. "Uhh, Brother, why do we need Golden Freddy for this situation?" Stormy asked. "Dont worry, He'll help you, he helped me and my friends." Foxy Replied. "Okay, if you say so." Stormy said. "What is it you guys want from me?" Golden Freddy asked. "My brother here, this "thing" is stuck in his brain." Foxy replied. "I know everyone's past and future." Golden Freddy said. "Thats Great then, Proceed." Foxy said. "Wow, He knows my past and he knows my future!" Stormy said surprised.

End of Part 1.

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