How to make rocky road cookie pizza02:11

How to make rocky road cookie pizza


The Sister and her toy's

The story of the missing family members.


Her parents divorced before she was born, and they moved away when her eldest big brother and his friends made her youngest big brother The Victim of The Bite of 87. That incident drove their father into insanity, as he took revenge on everyone, including the employees of FredBears Family Diner, for not stopping the Bite of 87 from happening instead of just sitting down or standing there and watching by killing their own children after he killed his oldest son and his fellow three bullies who caused The Bite of 87 along with FredBear. Thirty years later she became a happily married mother of two boys and a little girl of her own, but after The Fazbear Frights Horror Attraction mysteriously burned down, she can't help but feel like she's being watched and followed. After the missing children incident, her father went missing, with no one realizing that he die in the Spring Bonnie suit. He would however return 30 years later as a living mummified corps and animatronic named Springtrap, and he has come back……for his daughter.

The Unseen Rooms

The two other bedrooms, the hallway bathroom and the kitchen are actually passed the living room, while the blank square on the house map is the garage.

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