Five Nights At Freddy's-Night 7 Secret Ending?!?! (Customize Night)

Five Nights At Freddy's-Night 7 Secret Ending?!?! (Customize Night)

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The Custom Night (also known as The 7th Night) is a custom night you unlock after beating The Sixth Night. Setting it to 0 tends to make them not bother you as much as they do in the default levels, and hardly ever show up to your door. This night also confirms the names of the animatronic characters (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy).

Secret ending

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.35.24 pm

The secret ending note.

You will get a screen with a pink note and Freddy's theme playing in the background reading;  At the end of a custom level (Easy or not) you will see the bonus ending of the game.


(you're fired)

REASON: Tampering with the animatronics. General unprofessionalism. Odor.

thanks, mngmt

After this, the player will be returned to the title screen. If the player had input the code 20/20/20/20 and got the notice, there will be a third star added onto the menu.


A rumor is constantly said that special numbers such as "1 9 8 7", "0 6 6 6", "1 3 3 7", 2-0-1-5 and more will let you receive a special ending. None of these codes work, with the exception of 1/9/8/7, and possibly 2-0-1-5 which, if you have the latest update, will cause the Yellow Freddy death screen and crash the game with 2-0-1-5 being a rumor which has not been confirmed or denied.

Another rumor was that if you put in the code 0/6/6/6, the Kitchen camera would activate. This is proven false, as no files exist in-game for the Kitchen's camera. also you will find a lot more jumpscares in the 20/20/20/20 you need to watch mostly foxy because he is the most active one.