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after chica summond bubble buddy bb moves into a city called "bubbletown" were he has a son named shiny bubble and a wife named soapy bubble


season 1

name of episode discription episode no.
bubble house sweet bubble house bubble buddy moves into bubble town 1
th 10 million bubble buddy wins 10$ million dollers on a game show callled "who wants to be a bubbleinare making his nighbor jerry soap jealous 2
the 10 million part 2 jerry soap trys to pop bubble buddy 3
breddy soapbears shampoo bubble buddy gets a job at breddy soapbears shampoo 4
to love a bubble bubble buddy falls in love with soapy 5
the evil bubble (30 min special) bubble buddy meets the evil bubble thorny nail 6
the evil bubble part 2 thorny nail trys to pop bubble buddy 7
you may kss the bubble bubble buddy and soapy bubble get married 8
the original bubble bubble buddy meets the original cook of breddy soapbears shampoo tommy foam 9
pop! every one is suddenly popping and bubble buddy needs help from his freinds to stop it 10
thwop bubble buddy can't stop tripping 11
pop! part 2 bubble buddy and co. find out that thorny nail is poppig every one 12
pop! part 3 bubble buddy and co. fight thorny nail and his minions 13
dispicible bubble bubble buddy becomes a super villian and works with many bubbles named "bubbleions" 14
super bubble bros bubble buddy and jerry foam work togather to save princess soapy from bowsnail 15
were bubble bubble buddy looks at the full moon for to long and becomes were bubble 16
foods final stand bubble buddy's favrote resturaunt must get popped 17
job deilema bubble buddy and a co. worker gets trapped in the freezer 18
very bad bubble service bubble buddy must go to dinner to the worst resturaunt ever 19
god of bubble bubble buddy meets god 20
the bubgry games bubble buddy goes to the bubgry games 21/season finale

season 2

name of episode discription episode no.
the bubble crusaders bubble buddy becomes a bubble crusader 22/season priemere
fight of the phoenix bubble buddy learns about phoenix but everything goes wrong... 23
wiki miki biki tiki bubble buddy creates a wiki 24
were bubble part 2 bubble buddy meats thorny nail wich can now transform into a were nail at midnight so theese to were bubble and were nail must fight 25
alter ego bubble buddy meets his alter ego buddy bubble 26
dispicible bubble 2 bubble buddy heres about the el monshampoo and turns into a hero bub el monshampoo sends evil bubblnions to attack him 27
the endless stay bubble buddy must have a sleep over with his cousin sean bubble 28
the big bubble therie bubble buddy creates a thorey about how earth became to be 29
titan attack spike titans sended by thorny nail attackbubble town 30
the shadow bubble bubble buddy and co.fight the shadow bubble 31/season final

season 3

name of episode discription episode no.
bubblemibo a new toy to life figures by soaptendo is made called bubblemibo worked

for soaptendo 3shampoo and soapU wich cuases a a tot themed nightmare!

32/season priemare
pokebubble cards pokebubble cards are made wich are exacly like bubblemibo so soaptendo

and shampfreak have a consle war for who can make the best consle

the lost matress bubble buddy loses his matress 34
the lost matress part 2 bubble buddy finds the atress but finds a horde of angry guard shampoodles 35
the marshmellow that counts bubble buddy loseshis last marshmellow and goes crazy 36
magic kewboard bubble finds a kewboard that whatever you type comes to life unfortunutlly thorny nail steals it and creates clones of himself 37
solo record bubble buddy sings a song that is the hit record making jerry soap jelous 38
highway to heven bubble buddy goes to heven to spend the night at his cousin angel bubble's house 39
fan ban bubble buddy's biggist fan gets banned from facebubble 40
youtube yoger bubble buddy makes the best youtube video evermaking other famous youtubers jelous 41
google goggles bubble buddy creates google this time as an actual bubble person wich will tell him anything 42
youtube yogert bubble buddy creates youtube yogert in three flavores: subrcribe strawberry like lime and and watch watermelon but a truckload of youtube yogert gets stolen! 43
camping bubble buddy goes camping 44
the leak theres a leak in bubble buddy's house 45
alien attack aliens attack bubble town 46/season final

season 4

name of episode discription episode no.
hi my name is ASGSDFSCDGSCFGSCVGSCFXCXCGFSCFCXFSCXFSCXF bubble buddy frogets how to talk 47/seasom premire
whats episode do you think deserves a nomine?

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