Teri is a known character in the Fanon. He is also a fast running siamese cat.

IMG 1013

Teri, the teams' heart and soul of fighting.


Teri is a smirk siamese cat who's mother is a tonkineese. His snarky 'in yo face' attitude has made it to where he thinks nothing can suprise him. He has a scattergun, pistol, and bat, none of which used unless its means of breaking into the Office by window. He is also a smooth talker.

In the planned story "Hydro 2Forts, Teri takes everything more seriously. He even goes as far as saving his girlfriend and literally sacrificing his own life for her. At the end of the story, Teri tells the team they will meet again, and rides the payload cart like a cowboy (literally!) down into the checkpoint, which explodes and kills Teri in the process.


Teri is a very active cat, appearing on Cam 2b quite early. He can enter the Office and not kill the player. However, he has been known for suicidal attempts by jumping or hanging.


"Holly killed my I'll kill her!" ~ Teri after someone dies. (Holly is on the FNAF Fanon)

"Ok, this isn't good..." ~ Teri when cornered.

"NO NO NO NO-" ~ Teri before death.

"Bonk!" Teri when killing.


  • Teri is also on the PAW Patrol Fanon wiki, but he was framed for being diferent, which, according to him, was "a load of bull$#%@".
  • Teri carrys the Force-a-Nature, C.A.P.P.E.R, and the Boston Basher
  • He is also known for carrying a nailgun around.
  • Despite belief, Teri is actually a unique character. Those who judge are just jealous.
  • He is actually in a crossover with Will the Wolf. Unfortunately, he was portrayed as a monster. The creator said he was embarrassed by this and (though it hasn't been proven) supposedly committed suicide knowing his character was given a bad rap.

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