Im back! Yet again! After months. From then, I got BETTER at this! This is yet another Stormy Drawing.

Stormy the Pirate Fox
is Foxy's brother and Baby Foxy's uncle. Stormy the pirate fox lives in the cove along with foxy and baby Foxy. He is a blue animatronic fox with green pants. Unlike his brother's, his eye color is blue. He and buster are very good friends.


Stormy was created long ago by DiggerZombie2. He was a green panted Blue Anthropomorphic Animatronic fox who was a pirate. He was supposedly the brother of Foxy while Baby Foxy was his nephew. He was an fan made animatronic DiggerZombie2 came up with. (P.S: DiggerZombie2 IS DiggerZombie and created Buster as well). He later started attacking the nightguard due to being possessed like all animatronics. To this day he is still like this.

Stormy The Pirate Fox
Stormy in The Office FNaF
Character Information
Known as Stormy The Fox
Species Animatronic Fox
Gender Male
Color Blue
Occupation Being Pirate.
Starting location Pirate Cove
First appearance Night 3
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown


Stormy has a pattern set unlike his brother. He will start from Pirate Cove. This is his set pattern: Pirate Cove-->Dining Area-->Arcade-->West Hall-->Game Over. Stormy The Pirate Fox will run down the hall, similarly to his brother.


Hello Lad Im Stormy The Pirate Fo-ox

I Am Your *DEMISE* Friend!

Fnaf is what gave me LIFE

Stormy austin

Stormy Fanart by User:Awsome Austin

Peaking Stormy

Stormy Actully Peaking Out In-game

Old Stormy

Scrapped Up And Dismantled Stormy


Stormy Fan Art


This is stormy the pirate fox's 2nd Art. (the thing is all wrecked due to a dumb stupid error)


Yet Another Stormy Fan Art.


Stormy About to do the munch of 2015.


Stormy Scrapped


Pirate's Replacement. (A Improved version of Stormy named toy Stormy, AKA Stormy 2.0)

Sfm fnaf stormy by DiggerZombie2-d8t70ke

Come closer... I Wont bite >:) - Stormy


Scared Stormy


Stormy! Brother Of Foxy!

Sfm five nights at freddy s stormy the pirate by aliens512-d81jr1l

Watch Out!!!!! Falling Stormy!!!!!




Stormy the Pirate!


Yes, Another Stormy the Pirate Fan art! But this one is 3D and took me 20 minutes to draw and color. This one is for Stormy! one of the best fan art i can do!

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