Shiny Freddy (who used to be Freddy 3.0) is a toy-like animatronic created due to the other Freddy Fazbears being scrapped. He has been through many updates, and his story of being created is pretty long.


Shiny Freddy was first created when his creator was jumpscared by Toy Freddy. His creator screenshotted while she was getting jumpscared. She then edited the image, giving Toy Freddy's eyes a cute-ish look, and some eyelashes were added. She then dubbed this as "Freddy 3.0". She uploaded it to DeviantArt, and it really caught her watchers' attention. They liked it, even if it was a joke character. Then, after a few months of "Freddy 3.0"'s creation, he was becoming more of a serious character. His creator drew him with a few of her other characters, and uploaded them to dA. One day, his creator started making a plz account for him on deviantart. A few months later, she was tired of him looking so much like Toy Freddy, so she updated him and changed his name. She was told that the new "Freddy 3.0" was better than the original. Shiny Freddy's story still continues, but he is "up-to-date".


Shiny Freddy behaves like Toy Freddy, he hates being seen on the camera. That's why he waits for the animatronics to move out of his way (if they are!). His movement pattern is Show Stage-->Dining Area-->Disco Room-->Backstage-->West Hall-->Office. He might repeat his pattern.

Daytime Behaviour

During the day, Shiny Freddy sings for young children. He doesn't like it when the kids smear their pizza sauce all over his brownish-goldish suit. Because he hates being dirty, he injured a child who threw their pizza at him. When this incident happened, a new rule was made: "Don't climb onto the animatronics' stage.". Now that a new rule had been added, he's been ok with older kids. It's the youngest that he doesn't get on with much, and he just wanted them to stop smearing him in pizza.

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