pumpk o life a jack o lantern comes to life

camp fever the animatronics go camping

PANCAKES! its pancake day and pancakes come to life and try to take the animatronics apart

five nights vs zombies zombies attack freddy fazbears pizza

five nights of babies 2 bonnie shows what the fnaf 2 animatronics were like when they were babies

searching in a water freddy gets lost in the ocean

five nights at water parks the animatronics go to a water park

go bb needs to use the bathroom

haunt o ween freddy foxy puppet and bb get lost in a haunted house

the 10 minute day freddys day goes by in 10 minutes

more scarer then gold golden freddy has a nightmare

"NIGHT" the animatronics watch a horror movie and cant go to sleep

hypno horror foxy gets hypnotized by a evil snail

spongefred fazpants this is a parody of spongebob squarepants

this episode is broght to you by the letter q the animatronics say stuff with the letter q at the start

pirate adventure foxy mangle puppet bonnie chica freddy and bb go on a pirate adventure

my little fnaf the animatronics get trapped in the mlp universe

marp freddy builds a robot named marp

brake moody freddys mood stem brakes and changes his mood at random times

tears foxy cant stop crying

blast off freddy goes to space

sadly season 8 ended puppet shows a clip from every episode of season 8