basket fazbear the animatronics become a basket ball team

little pig little pig can i come in? the guard won't let the animatronics go to his office

boom foxy gets trapped in a video game

splatted this is a parody of splatoon

toughening up the toys toughens up

club fazbear toy chica starts a reading club

if i flied foxy tries to fly

foods final stand foxy's favrote food restarunt must get bulldozed

cho cho chocolate bb gets trapped in a chocolate land

rainbow... thw animatronics visits a rainbow factory

no more bb can't take school anymore

when the vase breaks go to the slammer foxy brakes a super rare vase

no pizza! theres no more pizza and the animatronics go insane

at a snail's paste foxy goes slow

fog freddy gets lost in the fog

pranksgiving on thanksgiving bb and foxy play a bunch of pranks

quack foxy bb puppet and chica turn into ducks

lifetale freddy reads a fairytale and every thing he says comes to life

weeeeeeeeeeee foxy flies

easter eggs the animatronics go on an easter egg hunt

babie the animatronics have to take care of a babie

click foxy clicks a file wich gives him a shadow bonnie screen ho goes to fix it but many bugs happen like annoying orange

taxi mayhem foxy bb puppet and chica drives a taxi

ending of season 7 mangle shows a clip of every episode from season 7

bonus:title card

the title cards have a driffrent writeing and background