Episode Season 6

How to train your puppet scienc puppet never went back to Freddy in a while he has to remember

Sick.... Freddy catches a cold witch passes on to other characters

sparky's last day sparky leaves home

Freddy's birthday its freddy's birthday

Party favorites this episode shows the people's favorite episode

One night at fleedy's  onaf goes to Freddy fazbear's pizza

bb's April fools bb celebrates April fools day

The paper pal toy bonnie secretly steals a paper pal

Love for bb bb goes on a date with jj 

After die in a fire austin rebuilds the animations

Dream riders freddy looks through dreams 

The treasure island visit fnati goes to Freddy flashers pizza

Pirate nightmares foxy has a nightmare

How to be good spring trap shows how to get the good ending in fnaf 3 the great odors when freddy goes outside... He smells a terrible smell

The end of 6 bb shows a clip from every episode of season 6