Plush Buster, or simply just Plushster, is a plush version of Buster The Bunny that appears in FNaF 4. He is loosely based on Plushtrap. He starts in the closet like Nightmare Buster. His gender is completely unknown at the moment.


Plushster starts in the closet, but like Plushtrap, he will not attack the player in-game. His first appearance In the game Player vs. Plushster. Its pretty much like fun with plushtrap. He has a very short pattern. Closet-->Player.

Plushtrap extras
Character Information
Known as Plush Buster
Species Plush Bunny
Gender Genderless
Color Green
Occupation None
Starting location Closet
First appearance Player Vs.Plushster
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown


Like Plustrap if you fail Player Vs. Plushster He will Jump at you and kill you. But Player Vs. Plushster Dosent Appear After Every Night.


1 Theory Holds That Possibly Plushster Belongs To Buster Jr. Another Theory Is that he could be Plushtrap's Brother. And 1 Last Theory Holds That He Could Be Buster's Other Son. (Like Plushtrap).
FNaF4 Jumpscare
Plushster's Scream.

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