Pink Guy is an obscure, yet important character that's basically essential to the Five Nights At Freddy's lore. He is seen numerous times at Freddy Fazbender's pepperoni and is practically essential or solving the FNAF story.

His first appearance is in the "take (poisoned) cake to the children" minigame, in said minigame, he slaughters a child outside of Freddy Fazkruger's, one that would probably become the puppet AKA: The p00pet.

He once again shows his hideous ET style face in the "Foxy, Go! Go! Go!" Minigame, stalking the infamous fox while he discovers a room filled with dead toddler corpses.

Pink guy later appears in the infamous "cool cat saves the kids" minigame, watching with a smile As Cool Cat and his lawyer team attack children, believing it was "fair use". After slaughtering the kids and captain Alex, one of the lawyers reveals himself to be Purple Guy/Michael and he SLANDERS the movie, forcing pink guy to reveal that he is not actually pink, but actually is MAGENTA! ŴHÃT Â GRĖĀT TŴÏŠT, ÂMĮRÌTĘ¿¡¿¡1¿¡¡¡¿

The pink guy also appears in the FNAF novels: "The silver eyes", "The twisted ones", "The Freddy files (totally not the X files)" and the critically panned "Vincent strikes back" as the main antagonist, going by the Hilarious and original name: DAVE. In the first novel, DAVE once again dawns his furry suit to kill Charlie and CO for his sadistic needs and to keep his past murders a secret Eventually, he attempts to kill Charlie only to have the springlocks snapped into his flesh, killing him, or worse. He then returns in the twisted ones, however he is trapped inside the springbonnie suit (yeah, I actually took the time to order the early access book, problem m8?) and he commands the twisted animatronics. He retreats like a total pussy afterwards. In the Freddy files,

he's briefly mentioned by detective Joe Swanson, who calls him after learning that he's holding Bart Simpson hostage. His next role was in the fucking gay trash: "Vincent strikes back", he shoots Vincent while he himself was trying to rape a random little girl.

His final appearance was in "Sister location", in this game he's screaming to an ountrepeneur about how his robots can dispense ice cream.
Pink Guy

pink guy from the "Cool cat saves the kids" minigame

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