Phone Guy is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's. He worked previously on the same office as you do. He usually gives the player some helpful and not helpful info and tips for surviving the nights.

1st Night

On the first night, "Phone Guy," or the guy who worked as a guard in the same office before you, leaves you a message and some advice on surviving the first night. He says that the first night should be a breeze, although the animatronics still move. It is important to listen to his message, because he seems to give hints as to what happened at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You must check the cameras whilst still checking the lights, as well as using the least amount of power possible.

2nd Day

Once again, Phone Guy's recording will play. He will congratulate the player on reaching the second night, and proceed to inform the player about Freddy, and how he doesn't come off of the stage very often, and becomes more active in the dark; which is proven true if the power cuts out, as Freddy will wait outside the left door whilst playing his tune. He also mentions Foxy, and warns the player to check on the curtain in Pirate Cove, as Foxy becomes more active as the cameras remain off for long time.

4th Night

Same as usual, the phone guy's recording plays. He congratulates the player but later in the call you hear banging at the door,a tune (Freddy's tune) and the sound becomes louder. After a little bit,you hear moaning of either Chica, and Golden Freddy's scream. The call ends abruptly, however, it is unknown which suit he is stuffed in. People say that he is stuffed into Chica's suit because of the second pair of teeth, but that's just the endo-skeleton's teeth.

5th Night

Get a scrambled message that may not be phone guy. His voice is deep and junked up and it is impossible to determine what he is actually saying. it seems that the call is quoting a part in Autobiography of a yogi,where a scientist talks about animals,plants,and metals have the same life forces,key word there METALS.