Nightmare Buster Is The Scariest And Current Version Of Buster Who Appears In FNaF 4. He Looks Exactly like Nightmare Bonnie But Different. And He Finally Returned After Being Absent For 2 Games FNaF 2 And FNaF 3. 

Nightmare Buster
Character Information
Known as Nightmare Buster The Bunny
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Gender Male
Color Green
Occupation Used To Be Up On Stage But Got Discontinued
Starting location Closet
First appearance Night 4
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown
Buster currently engaged withPurple toy chica, and has ason named Buster Jr.


Nightmare Buster Will Get Active Of Night 4 And Will Try To Kill The Player. His Pattern Starts At The Closet. The Pattern Goes Like This: Closet-->Right hall-->Left hall-->Bedroom. During Night 1 2 And 3 You Do not need to worry about him.


Nightmare Buster Will Appear Starting In The Closet Then Move On To The Right Hall Then Move On To The Left Hall Then Moving On Into The Bedroom. Jumpscaring The Player Resulting A Game Over.

FNaF4 Jumpscare
This Is Buster's Scream In FNAF 4

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