Mega Buster Is a More Powerful version of the original Buster, He Cannot Be stopped when Mega, The Only Way He Can Turn back into buster is if a turtle shell hits him. (Just like in mario)

How He Transforms

Buster can be turned into Mega buster if he eats a magic mushroom. He tends to grow almost as big as a house. But When hit by a turtle shell or anything like a koopa he WILL shrink into normal Buster.

Mega Buster
Free bonnie pose sfm fnaf wallpaper by yoshiderp25-d8vjup5
Character Information
Known as Mega Buster The Bunny
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Gender Male
Color Green
Occupation Killing Koopas
Starting location The FNAF Kingdom
First appearance Super Buster Bros.
Status Used By Original Buster
Voice Actor None

How This All Began

It all began when buster Was walking down the side walk. He found a magic Mushroom in the park. He Was Interested in What it could do. He Ate It and then he became Mega Buster. Once He Grew Bigger And Bigger When He Walked He Made Loud Thumping Sounds. He Saw A Koopa And Then It Touched Him. Then He Went Back To Normal Buster. THE End.

Sayings Through Out The Story

Buster: Doodoodoo doo

Buster: Hey Whats This? It looks like a magic mushroom!

-Buster Eats The Mushroom-

Buster: Whats Happening?!

-Buster Grows Bigger And Bigger-

Buster: WOW IM HUGE!

-Koopa Walks On The Sidewalk-

Buster: Stay Back Koopa!

-Buster Gets Touched By The Koopa-

Buster: Aww Man I Lost My Powers.

-The End Screen And Credits Start Playing-

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