This is a list of users fan theories. Why not Post 'em fan theories.

Fan Theories

ChuckE.CheeseRocks151: I have a theory about Foxy, why does everybody like Foxy including me? I have a theory about him!!! A few years before Fredbear's Family Diner there was Foxy's Amazing Pizza. It was owned by the owners  Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It opened in 1972. Due to a fire in 1976 it closed. But, Foxy was the only one recovered. That is my theory about Foxy.

Ghosts of the Animatronics-Where is Phone Guy?

It is implied throughout the fnaf games, that the animatronics so far, and ended up being the phantom animatronics. here are some of the more commonly accepted theories:

-5 missing children = Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy = Phantom Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, ??? -Kid in the SAVEHIM minigame = Puppet = Phantom Puppet

The Unsolved Ones

Humans: Phone Guy, Bite of '87 victim. Animatronics: Toy Animatronics, BB, Mangle, Endoskeleton, JJ, Shadow Freddy. Phantoms: BB, Mangle.

My Theories

-The Phone Guy is Phantom BB: Isn't it suspicious how the recording tapes collected by the phone dude just so happened to detail the EXACT WAY the purple guy died? -'87 Victim is Mangle: Notice how Mangle's Static says 10-1? AKA bad reception? Maybe to the criminal databases. The ones that let animatronics know who to attack and who not to? Maybe the sound produced from the malfunctioning animatronic before it bit the victim?

A illuminati


The Munch Of 2015

The Munch Of 2015 Was When A Bunny Animatronic Munched Some Of A Persons Head. Extremely Likley Canidates Is Buster The Bunny Or Bonnie the Bunny. This Could Explain Why Buster The Bunny Lives In The Backroom.