Larry The Pirate Wolf Was another animatronic created By DiggerZombie2 A Long Time Ago. He Is the replacement Of Stormy The Pirate Fox. He Was Built When Stormy Started Oozing And Starting Breaking Apart. They Sadly Had To Destroy Stormy And Put Him in the Back Stage. Larry Then Became The Official Replacement For Poor Stormy.


Larry The Pirate Wolf Was First Built As A Good Replacement For Stormy When Stormy Started To Break Apart Due To Being To Old. So They Then Took Him To The Back Stage. There Was A New Box Where Dismantled Animatronics Go In. However, Stormy Wasent The First To Enter The Box,Buster Was There As Well. So He Was The 2nd Animatronic To Enter. And Then Larry Was Built, And He Was Slightly Better Then Stormy.

Larry The Pirate Fox
Larry Wolf
Character Information
Known as Larry The Fox
Species Animatronic Fox
Gender Male
Color Purple (Originally Going To Be White)
Occupation A Replacement For Stormy
Starting location Pirate Cove
First appearance Night 4
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown


Larry Acts Like All Foxes. But Better Since Hes Faster. His Pattern Is Unique Due To Being The Only Fox Animatronic To Enter The Kitchen. This Is His Pattern Set:Pirate Cove-->Dining Area-->Restrooms(Boys Bathroom)-->Kitchen-->East Hall-->Office. Larry Will Run Like Foxy When He Reaches The East Hall.


  1. Larry Was Originally Going To Be White.
  2. Larry's Pants Where Going To Be Green.


As Stormy got repaired, Larry, not wanting to go back, started a fight with Stormy, after which, Larry was destroyed, set on fire, and was kept in the back. And he was never spoken of again after that.


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