The camera's view of the kitchen.

The Kitchen is a room the player can view on the security camera on Cam 06. The camera here is disabled but the player can still hear audio.


The only animatronics that go in The Kitchen are Freddy and Chica. The player will not see them on the camera feed, but they can be heard. If Chica is in the Kitchen, the player will hear her rustling around, presumably knocking over pots and pans. If Freddy is there, his tune, the Toreador March, will play when the player views the camera.

It is unknown what the Kitchen looks like, as the camera only shows static and a black screen. Fans have speculated that there is a secret way to view the Kitchen, but it was ultimately confirmed to be a hoax.


  • It was thought that entering the code 0-6-6-6 on the Custom Night would allow the player to see the Kitchen; however, this was proven to be merely a rumor and false.
  • There is a fan theory that the Kitchen is where the missing children and past guards are placed after they are killed, and that the Kitchen camera is disabled to prevent the player from seeing it. 
  • Some also speculate that this is where Golden Freddy hides. 
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