The camera's view of the kitchen.

The Kitchen is a room you can watch over from your security camera. The camera here is disabled but you can still hear audio.


Usually, the animatronics that go in The Kitchen are either Freddy, or Chica despite not being seen on the camera feed, however If Chica is in The Kitchen, you will hear it make a mess when you check the room. If Freddy is there, some music (similar to Freddy's tune) will play when you

check it instead.

It is unknown what The Kitchen looks like, as the camera only shows static and a black screen.

Secret fOOTAGE


On the picture to my right, there is secret footage of the kitchen.

This can only be unlocked if it if Night 5, but you have to have beaten 4/20 mode first. You must go back and play Night 5 and freddy must be in the kitchen by 12 am or it wont work. you must have the monitor on the kitchen, then flip it up and down 4 times very fast. then close both doors and flip it up and down again. it should be there


  • It was thought that entering the code 0-6-6-6 on the Custom Night would allow you to see the kitchen; however, this was proven to be merely a rumour and false.
  • There is another fan-theory that the kitchen has a audio-only camera so you can't see the horror behind it. It has been rumoured the kitchen is where the missing children and past guards are placed after they are killed. 
  • Some also speculate that this is where Golden Freddy hides. 
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