Jacan Fox, Is A anthropomorphic Fox that, tends to be evil, As he is one of the only Characters that are not Animatronics, But instaid A Real Animal, He does speak. Believe it or Not, hes based off a character Named Cajun Fox, From Courage The Cowardly Dog.


Jacan Fox Is A Orange Fox That Wears Sunglasses. He is Evil. As he tends to kidnap unsuspecting victims to eat. Jacan, The Fox, Somehow Ended up in the animatronic world, Five Night's at Freddy's. Unlike Cajun, He captures victims by hypnosis. Just like Cajun, He eats humans, except any human. Jacan, The Insane Fox, Did in fact, Die. His death was prior once he fell from a huge height.


Jacan Fox Tried to Attack and eat chica girl. But once they were on A Skyscraper in Townsville, She Pushed Jacan off the skyscraper, Thus, Killing Jacan Fox. As a Horrible Fate. Since Jacan is dead, Possibly He Might come Back to life.

Jacan Fox
Character Information
Known as Jacan, The Insane Fox
Species Fox
Gender Male
Color Orange
Occupation Hypnotizes and Eats random Victims
Starting location Unknown Universe
First appearance Unknown
Status Does not Have A Status


Voice Actor Unknown

Hypnotizing Someone

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