Part One- Fredbear's Family Diner

"Let's give a warm welcome for our two favorite friends-

"Fredbear and Bonnie!" The Owner exclaimed. Bonnie twitched her ears and listened to the sound of the cheering children. Were they their favorite friends? Bonnie thought. Then we'll have to put on a special show.

"Bonnie, I'm nervous..." Fredbear said timidly.

"Nervous about what? We let some people come in and control us for the show. What could go wrong?"

"A lot of things. Our servos can lock up, someone can breath heavily..." Bonnie sighed and interrupted him before he could go further.

"Come on. This is only our second show. Do you want us to be disabled?" Bonnie demanded irritably. Fredbear shook his head no. Bonnie stepped to the staff's room. He fidgeted a little as her head was taken off and allowed one of the staff members to climb into her. Soon they were all ready to go, Fredbear included. He had seemed to regain his usual confidence and leadership. Bonnie usually was the timid one, having to be pushed. What is it with Fredbear and kids? he wondered. As the curtains opened, the cheering got louder and maybe a bit forced by their parents. Fredbear's mic lit up and the man inside loudly laughed, mimicking Fredbear's real laugh.

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