Harmony Howlette is the Best of the PTT guests that ever lived! She is loved by many fans and was a female coyote cowboy.

General info

  • Gender: Female
  • Attracted to Jasper

Harmony Howlette was introduced to many pizza time theater stores during the western 1981 period. She was a female coyote with a cowboy outfit who would usually snap back at chuck R's Insults. She was also one of Jasper's many crushes, but she seemed to flirt with him the most. She was brought back in 1982 for a second showtape that was better than the original. She was replaced by Madame Oink in 1983.


Harmony was one of the original Pizza Time Theater animatronics. She was originally made from a brown fur but changed to a grey fur later on. BTW fnaf and go animate are garbage.



  • The original animatronic for Only One Left was going to be a Jasper-reminiscent animatronic named Tatters, who was eventually replaced by Harmony.