foxtoon is a spinoff of cartoons at freddys

season 1

title discription episode no
new game freddy puts up abunch of struchers arond them and give him and his freinds gear and wepons pilot
port maccerial the animatronics have a turf war at port maccerial 2
inkplosia the animatronics go to inkplosa 3
new wepons! foxy gos to the booyah base for new wepons 4
octo valley puppet and bb go to octovalley and get sent on a mision to stop DJ octoavalo 5
fashian (yeah!) foxy goes to booyah base for new cloths 6
the octoling puppet & bb must defeat a octoling 7
ink shark! a ink shark attacks! (ahhhh!) 8
ranked battle the animatronics have a splat zones war at blackbelly skate park 9


  • this is a parody of splatoon