This is a sequel to fnaf + fnati 1.


Phone Guy: Hello, hello! Um, oh hey! Um welcome to Freddy and Mickey's Partying Island um this is a rebuilt version of Freddy and Mickey's Island. Um well, um you work the nightshift for five nights um just to warn you uh the suits and animatronics move around at night, um however instead of putting you in a suit um they think you're a criminal so they kill you if you get caught so um all you need to do is wear the mask um and if you wanna see how close they are to you just check your camera um you can also toggle between the two floors um and you also have your menu to wind up the music box um if you don't wind the music box, that puppet thing will get you... Um you also have your flashlight, um you can even use it on the cameras! I think that's all for now, goodbye!


Freddy Fazbear

Bonnie The Bunny

Chica The Chicken

Foxy The Pirate

The Puppet

Balloon Boy

Withered Toy Chica

Withered Toy Freddy

Withered Toy Bonnie

Withered Mangle


Phantom Freddy

Phantom Chica

Phantom Foxy

Golden Freddy


Photo-Negative Mickey

The Face

Photo-Negative Minnie


Donald Head



Suicide Mouse



Rooms Floor 1

Waiting Room

Hall 1

Show Stage

Character Prep 1


Hall 2

Dining area 1

Dining area 2

Party Room 1

Hall 3


Rooms Floor 2

Game Area


Hall 4

Toy Area

Character Prep 2

Break Room

Work Room

Hall 5

Kid's Cove

Oswald's hall/hall 6

Brodcasting Room 1

Brodcasting Room 2

Main Hall



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