Five nights at austo land is a FNAF 3/FNAF 4 fan game which will be released on may 20th


Nightmare Buster: a bonnie animatronic created by DiggerZombie, shout out to him, is a nightmarish green bunnie with a red cap, he usually starts up on night 1, he resembles Nightmare Bonnie, but different.

Spring trap: a animatronic that appeared in FNAF 3, he usually starts up on night 2, he is another bunnie, the Purple Guy is stuffed inside of spring trap, unlike the other animatronics, he is a animatronic/suit.

Austin:the main antagonist of the game, he doesn't start until night 3,he is hard to see because he usually hides in dark places like freddy,and you can only see his white glow,he is a candidate for the eat of 2019.

Foxy: a animatronic that appeared in all 4 FNAF games, he starts up on night 3, unlike the other animatronics, he tries running to your office, he is also a candidate for the eat of 2019, most theories say that foxy is a good guy, there's also theories that foxy was programmed by the purple man to cetch the five children.

Golden freddy: a suit that starts in the backroom,he is a Easter egg animatronic, when he catches you, he crashes your game.

Purple toy chica : she is the only female animatronic,she is buster's girlfriend,and is the main chef,she was created when a co-worker maid a ttoy Chica model purple.

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