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Five Splats on Freddy is a point-and-click horror game by User:Awsome austin. It is a crossover between the Five Nights at Freddy's series and Splatoon.


A Octoling Named Olivia goes to work 5 nights at the Splatty Pizza Pourlor, when the owners on the Pizzaria find out that shes a Octoling, they are suprised and all the entertainers at the Pizzaria try to kill her. So while her boyfriend, Owen, gives her helpful phonecalls, she must survive the five nights.


Name Starting Point Desc./ How to avoid
Inkling Girl Show Stage She is the main head of the Pizzaria, she is active on night 1 and can be easily avoided by wearing the Freddy Mask
Inkling Boy Show Stage He also is active on night one and then on, he can also be avoided by wearing the Freddy Mask
Fredbear Backstage Fredbear is the first animatronic from Fazbear Entertainment, and he was bought by Splatty co. to be in the Splatty Pizza Pourlor, however, he is unfinished, and can not be fooled by the mask. You must Hide under the desk to avoid him, he also starts on night 2
Puppet Prize Corner He is also bought by Splatty co., he starts on night 3 and he is not fooled by anything, you must keep him from getting to your office by keeping a eye on him in the cameras



  • This game was once a poorly written copy of Five Nights at Freddy's 2
  • This also has a page on Fantendo

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