Five Nights at Fredel's is a prequel to all the FNAF games. 


  • Chicka
  • Foxo 


Show stage

Dining area

Party room

Prize corner

Rest room

Main hall

unfinished animatronic room

Games area

Arcade area

Left hall

Left corner

Right hall

Right corner



You play as Tommy McCoy surviving 5 nights at fredel's pizza wonderland, the office is a mixture between Five nights at Freddy's 2 and five nights at Freddy's one with a touch of five nights at freddy s 4, the front of the office is a hallway you light up with you flashlight, when a animatronic comes in the hallway wear the fredel mask but when foxo comes in the front hall, flash the light at it to make him go away. The left and right of the office is two doorways, clicking on the doorway will make you come to it, click in the hallway after clicking the doorway to flash the light,press the right key to come to the window, click on the window to flash the light, press the left key to come to the door button, click on the button to close the door, when a animatronic comes at the doorway, close the door. Behind you is the entrance to the safe room, since the unfinished animatronics weren't  made with a map  they can come to the safe room, when either two come at the entrance, flash the light to scurry them away, each night gets harder and harder, when you beat night one, you can choose the night you can play.

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