Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: The Final Chapter is the fourth and final game in the Five Nights at Chuck E Cheese's series. It is set about 50 years after Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: Only One Left.


You are the 10-year-old grandson of Caillou Anderson himself (who is now 87 years old). It is a week until your little brother's 6th birthday and he wants to go to Disneyland for his birthday. It is summer and your little brother can't stay home alone, and your parents can't hire a babysitter, so your grandparents will look after him. They even brought some CEC toys for your brother to play with. Once you see the toys, you start having flashbacks of the animatronics. This is where the gameplay begins.


As mentioned above, you play as the 10-year-old grandson of Caillou Anderson. The gameplay is similar to that of the canon game, Five Nights at Freddy's 4. However, like in Five Nights at Wario's: Origins, there is a camera system, but the rooms are not connected. This is where movement comes in. If you move into another room, there is a map. The room you are in will be highlighted, along with the connected rooms. On the balcony, which is directly connected to your room, there is a Pasqually toy, which makes you invisible to the animatronics. However, you can only hold it for one minute before dropping it. It takes 10 seconds to fully recharge. If an animatronic sees you, it will start to chase you. You can escape it by grabbing the Pasqually toy or getting into the bedroom and closing the door. If an animatronic is already in the bedroom, this is where it really becomes a challenge. Do your best at avoiding it and return to the room where you dropped the Pasqually toy.

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