Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: Only One Left is the third installment in the Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's series. It is set in 2046.


The events take place 30 years after Chuck E. Cheese's closed for good. It has been rebooted as a horror attraction and patrons have found an animatronic.



  • Unnamed protagonist
  • Scary Voice Cawthon: After 30 years, Scary Voice finally makes new recordings again.
  • Caillou Anderson: The formerly bald former 4-year old is now 36. He is yet again the main antagonist and appears in the end-of-night minigames.


  • Harmony Howlette: The only true animatronic. She first appears on Night 2.


  • Phantom Chuck E.
  • Phantom Jasper
  • Phantom Helen
  • Phantom Munch
  • Phantom Pasqually
  • Phantom Foxy Colleen
  • Phantom Sally Sashay
  • Phantom Crusty
  • Phantom The King