Five Nights At Freddy's Funland is a fanmade game made by AngryBirds2004. Please do not use my ideas without permission. This is the characters page, so you won't find anything else on this page. So, now that that's out of the way, lets get started. The timeline goes like this: FNAF2,FNAF1,FNAF3,FNAF4,FNAFF (This Game)


Toy Freddy Toy Bonnie Toy Chica (And her cupcake named Carl) Toy Foxy (And his parrot named Pierre) Mangle Balloon Boy Balloon Girl Marionette Damaged Freddy Damaged Bonnie Damaged Chica Damaged Foxy Damaged Balloon Boy Damaged Marionette Robbie The Robot Shadow Bonnie Springtrap Plushtrap Nightmare Freddy Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Chica Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Fredbear Golden Freddy Bare Endoskeleton Charlie The Clown

Starting Locations

Toy Freddy-Show Stage Toy Bonnie-Show Stage Toy Chica-Show Stage Toy Foxy-Pirate Cove Mangle-Kids Korner Balloon Boy-Balloon Stand Balloon Girl-Balloon Stand Marionette-Prize Booth Damaged Freddy-Parts & Services Damaged Bonnie-Parts & Services Damaged Chica-Parts & Services Damaged Foxy-Parts & Services Damaged Balloon Boy-Parts & Services Damaged Marionette-Parts & Services Robbie The Robot-Arcade Shadow Bonnie-Nowhere (Rarely Appears In Office) Springtrap-Freak Show Plushtrap-Prize Booth Nightmare Freddy-(Appears In the Nightmare Challenge Custom Night) Nightmare Bonnie-(Appears In the Nightmare Challenge Custom Night) Nightmare Chica-(Appears In the Nightmare Challenge Custom Night) Nightmare Foxy-(Appears In the Nightmare Challenge Custom Night) Nightmare Fredbear-Nowhere (Appears In the Nightmare Challenge Custom Night) Golden Freddy-Backstage Bare Endoskeleton-Backstage Charlie The Clown-Freak Show

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