Fiv noghts ot da pappats is a sp00ky gome 


Pappat. He is sp00ky

Fradoy. He is vory sp00ky

Bannaie  he is soy sp00ky thot i popped moy ponts

Chaca. Shoi is saper sp00ky

Faxoy  he is vory sp00ky with fradoy

Galden fradoy. He is mar sp00kyer than fradoy 

Bay bay  he  a kad ond kads r so sp00ky 


U ploy os jormy fratzjoreld savriving fiv noghts ot pappats pazzaria in frant af u is a hollwoy prass spoce bor in frant af it tu flosh da laght an yur raght ond laft r darwoys clack an evor dar batton tu clase da dar behand u is tha antrance tu da sofe raam clack an da dar woll clase if ua a anomotronic gots u u woll b sp00ked fever 


  • Fiv noghts ot da pappets is da mast sp00keyist gome af twany favtween.

..... what the check did I just make?!?!?!?!?!?!

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