Attraction's appearance

The attraction is the gmod map of fnaf 3 on cam 1 it a a big wall with a goofy lamp with a garbage dump with rotten Oswald in it in cam 2 there is a floor with a Oswald light on the floor on cam 3 there is a hallway with a bonnie light and the face or distorted Mickey as a lamp on the ceiling on cam 4 there is a corner with a foxy lamp leading to cam 3 and cam 5


Phone dude ----- uh hello hello hey awesome your here uh well welcome to Mickey and fazbears fright uh this is pretty creepy uh I actually went in that office before you uh and I know what to do uh there is some kind of suicide Mickey thing uh if you don't do something he will run to you and..... do something.... uh what you should do is that the suicide Mickey thing is very attracted to noise uh so it's best for you to play audio somewhere else uh and that's actually what you do uh there's your cameras or monitors you can switch between the hall cams and the vent cams and over to your left is the index Manuel you can reboot stuff like audio ventilation sealing system and cameras that may go off line theres the sealing system uh that i will tell you about tomorrow uh I think that's all goodbye


  • Suicide mouse
  • Distorted Mickey 
  • Pn Mickey
  • Pn Minnie 
  • Goofy


  • Freddy 
  • Foxy
  • Chica
  • Bonnie
  • BB
  • Puppet


P toy chica

P pn Mickey 


photo negatives

Pn chica

Pn freddy

Pn foxy

Pn bonnie

Pn bb 

Pn puppet


Cam 1

Cam 2

Cam 3

Cam 4


Cam 6

Cam 7

Cam 8

Cam 9 cam 10

Cam 11

Cam 12

Cam 13

Cam 14

Cam 15

Cam 16