FNAF Tapped Out is a FNAF fangame, inspired by the strategy game The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Level 1

  • Build Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
  • Clean up debris
  • Buy Selia Stefferson kimmyand chals
  • Make Freddy do a 1 hour shift

Level 2

  • Buy the Carnival-o-fun shuttle
  • Build the Balloons Corner
  • Send BB to the Carnival-o-fun to ride the roller coaster
  • Plant some trees

Level 3

  • Buy the Horror House
  • Buy Fazbear's Fright
  • Send Springtrap to go to the Horror House
  • Build the Beach
  • At the beach buy the ice cream stand
  • Send BB to buy ice cream at the beach

Level 4

  • Buy the hospital
  • Buy the bank
  • Buy the parts and service
  • Send Withered Bonnie to rob the bank
  • Buy the jail
  • Send Withered Bonnie to the jail
  • Build the Shop-o-mart
  • Send Foxy to buy a pirate hat at the shop-o-mart
  • Build the baseball field
  • At the beach, build a hotel
  • Send Chica to stay at the hotel at the beach for 3 days
  • Build the tv station
  • Send Springtrap to tell the network people that his tv is not working
  • At the carnival-o-fun build the spinning glove
  • Send Foxy to the carnival-o-fun to ride the spinning glove

Level 5

  • Build the school
  • Send BB to the school
  • Visit another world
  • Build a theater
  • Buy the Prize Corner
  • Send The Puppet to watch a movie at the theater

Level 6

  • Buy a time mechine
  • Send Chica to travel to the future
  • Build the popcorn stand
  • Send freddy to buy popcorn

Level 7

  • Make Foxy, BB, JJ, and Bonnie play baseball at the baseball field
  • Build the president statue
  • Build the white house
  • Build the drunken clam
  • Send Foxy, Bonnie and Freddy to the drunken clam
  • Send Foxy, Bonnie, and Freddy to the hospital

Level 8

  • Build the cave
  • Send Chica to the cave
  • Build the hero hq

send chica girl to the hero hq

make chicagirl practace

build the evil hq of doom

send dreaded chica to attack your nighborhood

send chicagirl to save them


July 10th-easter day

(collect eggs and trade them in for esxclusive items!)

get the towns people ready for easter

build the easter egg shop

make bb hunt bunnies

make toy chica paint eggs

earth day

(collect seeds ad plant them when their trees collect their golden leaves and trade the leaves in for esclusive items!)

make toy chica grow a garden

bulid butter fly fields

send bb and jj butterfly hunting

build the recicling center

make toy freddy fired

send toy freddy to find a new job

make toy freddy work a 4 hour shift at the reciclying center

make toy freddy get his job back

mothers day

(collect flowers and trade them in fore esclusive items!)

make foxy make a love poem for his mother

4th of july

(collect tnt and fireworks and trade them in for esclusive items!)

buy the fire work staiton

send freddy to buy fire works

at 12:00 send freddy to set the fire works

back 2 school

(collect school suplys and trade them in for esclusive items!)

remind the teachers to go back to school

buy the mighigan high

send bb and jj to the mighsgsn high

buy the school bus

build pirate school

send foxy to pirrate school


(smoosh turkeys to collect esclusive items!)

buy the silver ware store

send freddy to buy 10 butter knifes and 10 knifes

try to kill at least 5 turkeys buy throwing knifes

buy the veggie store

send toy chica to buy patatos

make toy chica get ready for thanksgiving


(collect presents oraments and snowballs to trade them in for esclusive items!)

make jj and bb write a list

send all the animatronics shopping

buy cristmas decerations'


(collect sunscreen and trade them in for esclusive items!)

clear up the sharks at the beach


story of halloween update

OH NO! the nightmare ani,atronics have went to your town with their minions tapp them to stop the minions from eating anyone

send nightmare bonnie to the carnival-o-fun

send nightmare bonnie to shake baby foxy

send nightmare bonnie to wear headphones

send nightmare chica to eat nightmare pizza with nightmare ice cream


freddy at start of game

bonnie build freddy fazbears pizza

chica biuld freddy fazbears pizza

foxy build pirate cove

bb build the balloons corner

jj get to level 3



summer suit: a rare item in the summer event for foxy,freddy and bonnie its a jacket with palm trees on it

turky costuem: a rare item in the thanksgiving update for chica. the apearence is self explanitory a turky costume.

pink bunny suit: a rare item in the easter event for bonnie,toy bonnie,old bonnie,and springtrap

character dialogue when unlocked

Freddy: hi kids its me freddy Fazbear 

Bonnie: cool you unlocked me Back Chica: pizza

Foxy: are thanks for unlocking yee

BB:hi hello haha you unlocked me

JJ:hi weres bb I know you unlocked him

Puppet:oh hi


premium characters and building


Santa after building Santa's workshop

Elfy after completing ho :-O :-O part 3

Rudolf after building the reindeer shack

Frosty 39 cakes

Santa's workshop

Reindeer shack

Toy shop


Easter  after building the giant egg

Wild egg 50 cakes

Giant egg

back 2 school

Greg 10 cakes

Rowley after building Greg's house 

Manny after completing the quest at level 20

Rodrick 24 cakes

Susen 89 cakes

Frank 66 cakes

the release of spla2oon 2

Orange inkling 30 cakes

Blue inkling 10 cakes

Mr paint ball  24 cakes

Pink inkling 34 cakes

the release of despicable me 3

Kevin 9 cakes

Stuart 5 cakes

Bob 12 cakes

Phill 10 cakes

Paul 34 cakes

Bee do minion 20 cakes

Gru after building Gru's house

Evil minion 50 cakes

El monchontio 34 cakes

Vecter after building the periomod

Gru's house

The periomod

The release of the spongebob movie 3

Spongebob 10 cakes

Gary after building the pineapple 

Patrick after building the rock

Squidward after building the Easter island head house

Sandy after building the treedome 

Mr krabs after building the trusty Arab

Pearl after building the anchor house

Nat paterson 3 cakes

Plankton after building the chum bucket

Karen 17 cakes

Burger beard after building the ship

Bubbles the magic dolphin after building the space shuttle

Goofy goober peanut 23 cakes

Old man jekens  after building the bikini bottom retirement home

Mermaids man after building the mernalair

Barnicle boy 35 cakes

Ms puff after building the bikini bottom boating school

King Neptune 190 cakes

Mindy 25 cakes

Clem 34 cakes



Al priss 29 cakes

Angry Jack after building AJ's shell sack

Dale 5 cakes

the release of super smash bros 5

Pikachu 23 cakes

Mario 1 cake

Luigi 5 cakes

Wich is your favrote event

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