FNAF: The True Villain is a Story created by Mewtwofan259 that revolves around the Pink Guy and The Purple Guy.


While Purple was accused for the murder of 6 children, the true killer of all 6 was Pink Guy, and Purple wanted to put a stop to it. Purple destroyed the animatronics, releasing their spirits. Purple wanted to release the spirits to set them free. But the spirits mistook Purple for Pink and killed him in a Springtrap suit. 30 Years later, The Pink Guy returns to the Pizzaria, now known as Fazbear's Fright. He finds Springtrap and sets him free in the establishment. He takes up Purples old job as Phone Guy, calling himself the Phone Dude and tells the Security guard about the place. After 6 nights, Pink sets the place on fire. That's when FNAF: The True Villain starts...

(Full Story Coming Soon)

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