cattpot is a 3DS game


a new theme park is opened and every one gos there but dreaded chica steals all the color and chica girl & spring boy must get back all the color


its very similer to the other games in the series

chica girl moveset

A punch



tapping amiibo will give chica girl and\or spring boy that wepon

fire flower (mario amiibo)

polter giest 3000 ( luigi amiibo)

bike (wario amiibo)

ink shooter (inkling boy or girl amiibo)

sonic shoes (sonic amiibo)

mega blaster (megaman amiibo)

arm blaster (samus amiibo)

axe (villiger amiibo)

master sowrd (link amiibo)

king dedede hammer (king dedede amiibo)

blaster (fox or falco amiibo)

boxing gloves (little mac amiibo)

clown cart (bowser jr amiibo)


tapping a chica girl or spring boy amiibo will give them a extra ability


freddy's wonderland

land of pizza

preastoric wrold

future wrold

super wold

baloon universe

dark deep space (final wrold)

Multiplayer modes

4 vs 4

Capture the base

Steal the pizza

Destroy the forts


4 vs 4 


Capture the base

Skate park rink 

Swampy bridge 



  • this is the first chica girl game to be on the 3DS
  • you can actally go out of bounds on the hub wrold
  • This is the first time platoon amibo can be used on a non platoon game

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