chica girl and the master sowrd is a game for the wii u


dreaded chica and skip has trapped chica girl in a demenshin with new adventures waiting for her


Flower fields

Awsome lake

Zapping niplines

Blocky road

Eary masian

Antic city

Round land

FAZBEAR shadow land


master sorwed no troops

purple man pink man

shock man shocky jr

steve no troops

king booboo gosht

water monster evil fish

evil flower shooters

dreaded chica skip

dreaded chica AEX


after you beat the game you unlock this mode called spring boy! it's a more harder version of the original game


Flower fields

Red rose garden

Eary hotel

Dark cave

Doom castle

Yodelah planet

FREDDY universe


master sowrd X litle sowrds

purple man X red man

shock man X shocky jr X

steve X wolves

king booboo X big bocey booboos

water monster X big sharks

evil flower X big seed spitters

shadow spring boy shadow minions

chica girl's soul's revenge enimes

chica girl's soul's cloud

chica girl's soul's cloud AEX


the Eary masion wrold is a reffrence to luigi's mansion

the eary hotel wrold is a reffrence to a chica girl game called cg hotel horror