it's chica girl's birthday & sonic's 100th annerversity but when someone named [1] the hooded shadow poops their party he sucks them up into diffrent demenshins sonic & tails go to the chica girl universe while chica girl & spring boy go to the sonic universe


sonic & tails chica girl & spring boy
skip drill robockneck
dreaded chica (as sonic) death egg
dreaded chica (as tails) egg dragon
mr sqash alot metal sonic
robo chica shadow
metal spring trap pefect chaos
golden freddy egg mobile H
golden freddy.o silver
brooser knuckles
hooded shadow hooded shadow

the advntures of knuckles & bonnie


knuckles bonnie
skip X drill robockneck X
dreaded chica X death egg X
mr squash alot X egg dragon X
robo chica X super shadow
metal springtrap X perfect chaos X
golden freddy X egg mobile H X
shadow freddy super silver
brooser X ,metal sonic X
hooded shadow X hooded shadow X
marx marx

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