the people of cityville has come to the toy store for their new megablocks line but when shadow chica steals all the megablocks chicagirl and springboy must come again n a exiting new adventure on the wii u

Fifth fifth }}
Sixth sixth }}


Magic Medow

Eary masion

Great tree land

Awsome falls

Blue ocean

Licky ice land

Ocean of cool

Cold Clouds

Krazy falls

Sour sheers

shadow land only 2 levels


life bug

king booboo

mr bee boss

rock mole

erchin merchin

ice shooter

fishy fishy

cloud king

rock worm

cutter upper

shadow chica (final boss)

clouderious (hidden boss)

Vital statistics
Author Unknown
Illustrator Unknown
Published on Unknown
Published by Unknown
Publication order
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Unknown Unknown
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next
Unknown Unknown

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