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freddy's toy land is opened with the free amiibo festival but when a mysterious dark figure comes and steals all the amiibos its up to you to use your amiibo to get all the amiibos back


wrold 1 freddy fazbaer's pizza

level 1\1 entrence

1\2 party roomms

1\3 kichten

1\4 kichten hole

1\5 under ground

1\6 backstage

wrold 2 park

2\1 main entrence

2\2 butterfly cacther garden

2\3 butterfly fan club

2/4 dog walking area

2/5 planter area

2/6 planting fan club

World 3 zoo

3/1 arctic area

3/2 dinosaur exhibit 

3/3 jungle area

3/4 desert area 

3/5 employees only room 

3/6 middle



shadow freddy wrolod 1

nightmare chica wrold 2

Bon bon bot 



bb man

freddy kong

the legend of chica foxy's adventure

bon iceris uprising

super fred bros 2

amiibo uses

to play as your avatar

to enter secret levels

to solve puzzles

compatable amiibo