Chica girl the adventure in freezeen is a Chica girl game for Wii U,Xbox 1, PlayStation 4,3DS,and PlayStation vita.


When dreaded Chica comes by again,dreaded Chica sucks Chica girl and springboy into the freezeen dimension.

eshop description

Chica girl and springboy have entered the freezeen universe! Will they get back home?

power ups

Name discription/power
Coin the main currency in the game, used to buy stuff in the in-game shops.
Chica girl coin theres 3 Chica girl coins in each level,can you find them all?
Heart will heal one block of health.
Magic heart this heart will add a extra block into your health!
Fire cape grabbing this cape will allow Chica girl and/or spring boy to throw fire balls.
Ice cape lets you throw ice balls, which would freeze enemies.
Thunder cape lets you throw electro bolts, which will stun enemies

game modes

  • Adventure mode: play with your friends or by yourself to comeback to Townsville and stop dreaded China's evil plans.
  • Battle mod: fight off your friends in 5 unique game modes.
  • Miiventure (Wii U and 3DS exclusive): play challenges as your mini!
  • Dreaded Chica mode: play as dreaded Chica, the levels don't have enemies and traps,you put in the traps and enemies.
  • Online mode: play the game with people from around the world or with your friends by using Nintendo network or Xbox live!
  • Friend battle: battle your friends in 5 game modes with Nintendo network or Xbox live!
  • Level creator: create your own levels and share them around the world or with your friends.
  • Shop: go into the shop to buy upgrades, power ups, or to even buy possible DLC!

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