Townsville is having a national sticker festival, but a villain named the shadow king stole all the stickers and sucked Townsville.into a universe called "sticker land", and it's time for Chica girl and spring boy to come to a exciting new adventure on the 3DS, and PlayStation vita!


Stickers are used as weapons to use to attack enemies and unlock secret passages,levels,and even bosses!

Cape sticker: the weakest weapon in the game.

Pizza sticker: a healing sticker.

Mystery box sticker: a sticker which will do a random effect to you or enemies.



Every world has 4 power stickers, 2 cosmet stickers, some of them have a green power sticker!

World 1: grassy plains

Area 1 main town:  a area which features tall buildings 

Power sticker 1: the clogged fountain

The player must unclog a fountain by going under ground and hitting a switch.

Power sticker 2: chimney chaos

A big chimney is entering a secret room with a power sticker! But when entering the chimney many enemies will block the way.

Power sticker 3: enemy assault

The shadow king has sent his minions to attack you must defeat all of the minions to earn your power sticker!

Power sticker 4: robo attack!

Dreaded Chica has found a way to the main town in his new invention, the turbo trouble bot! (Note: this is a boss battle)

Cosmet sticker 1: friendly feast

Give as much food to eaty mceats impossible#

Cosmet sticker 2: the water melon beast

Give a water melon to eaty mceats but the water melon is on sale beasts tail

playable characters

Name description ability how 2 unlock
Chica girl the hero of townsville, with her trusty sidekick springboy, she can save the town in no time! She was sucked into sticker town with the rest of the town, now she must defeat the evil shadow king none. Defualt.
springboy she is the main sidekick of Chica girl, he can glide up by using his ears as a propeller, and much more! Can glide for 3 seconds with ears. complete the training stage.
Dreaded chica dreaded chica, ah dreaded Chica, the biggest rival between Chica girl, he is a master at creating robots to stop Chica girl, however, after a minion kidnapped his sidekick, skip, he decided to join Chica girl on this big adventure. can build robots to enter areas no other character can go to. after completing world 1.
Skip skip, the sidekick to dreaded Chica, he was kidnapped by one of the minions of the shadow king, but later, saved by Chica girl and co. Skip is a small green gosht with a fez, he can turn invisible and go through walls, to! Can turn invisible and go through highlighted areas. after completing power sticker 2 of world 2.
The shadow king TBC can destroy metal blocks after completing the game.


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