fnaf 2 has more animatronics and in some peoples opinion is more scary than the first game. it also has a puppet named marionette wich there is a theory that it has supernatural powers and transfered kids spirits into the animatronics suits and now the suits are possesed. also if you slow foxys kill scream down you hear  the word freedom if you listen very closely so it seems that the old animatronics just want to get out of freddy fazbears pizza.  also if you look around things arond  freddy fazbears pizza things glitch out like sometimes the posters change and also sometimes when you die there is a little mini game that tells you about the backstory or the bite of  87. So as you can see the game is scary and has more animatronics. the animatronics names are toy bonnie ,toy freddy ,toy cheeka,mangle also known as toy foxy, old freddy, old bonnie ,old cheeka , old foxy and marionnete. also other charachters are golden freddy shadow freddy and a random endo skeloten that sometimes appears in the airvent and in marionettes  present. 

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