the only way to win is to not die no duh but this is a great stratedgy (sorry english isnt my first language) ok so first we talk about the only serios threat here foxy and the mangle are the only threats to worry about mangle comes from the roof so hes really hard and foxy is really fast and u can barely see him make his mad dash to the office he can be stopped but i only can tell u that u have to close the right door and if mangle is in ur office then ur screwd. so i know thats not any good advice but to my knowledge thats all u have to do. freddy fazbear is really slow so dont waist power looking at him unless hes REALLY close. bonnie and chica are also not something to be taken lightly yet are still not much campared to freddy, foxy,and mangle. all u have to do is close ur door when u see them in a hallway.

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