• Megalodons

    Knoci on our door

    April 14, 2018 by Megalodons

    We've been waiting for you.

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  • RTXD

    OMG, this wiki still exists :)

    September 14, 2017 by RTXD

    How are you people doing? I began editing here in 2014 and haven't edited for over a year...

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  • Awsome austin

    FNAF:computer edition

    December 28, 2015 by Awsome austin

    Scroll down to escape Bonnie!      

    Keep scrolling!

    Almost their!

    YOU WIN!

    Hide from BB by wearing the mask!Click the purple letter!    


    If you clicked it YOU WIN!

    Springtraps near! click the audio!        

    R                A          L            C

    If you clicked the right one,YOU WIN!

    Scroll down to get the freddles of your bed!    

    Ones off,Good! keep on scrollin'!

    Another one is off! just one more to go!

    There all off! YOU WIN!

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  • RTXD

    A Question Mark

    July 22, 2015 by RTXD


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  • Mangle the new foxy

    hi im mangle im new here can anyone plz tell me what im suposed to do here

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf


    March 31, 2015 by Emerald the Dark Wolf


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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    for 100000000000000000000000006554444646 years

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Hey guys!!! Foxy here!!! I some Users could come here and have fun!!! Here are my Top Ten!!!

    1. Vernanonix  
    2. South Ferry
    3. Mac+Cool
    4. Ivan the Iguana
    5. Foxstar241
    6. TheDaySurivior
    7. SilverCyberlink
    8. Theminecraftkid1221
    9. Chica 3.0.
    10. TonicHedgefox

    Would you make my wish come true?

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    One month ago, When I saw the Bite of '87  page someone was vandalzing and using a racist word so I undone it. I didn't know that I would be soon adopting this Wiki. 

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Hi!! I'm just here to let you know that this Wiki is now a fanon and I adopted it. This Wiki is not dead anymore it's alive and healthy.

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Glad Wiki Contributor's aren't vandalizing this Wiki anymore. 

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Too many vandalizers are on this Wiki and I have to clean up their mess So I decided to adopt this Wiki. I got an unoffical reponse

    Update: I've saw the  official response and they gave me  admin and bureaucrat rights

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Hey guys!!! I've just sent Wikia to adopt this Wiki!!! First, This Wiki is probaly going to turn into a Fanon Wiki. If I can't adopt this Wiki thats okay I'll just try again. If I do this Wiki would not close. I hope I get to adopt this Wiki. Okay Wikia Contributor's  you need to follow two rules and they are "No Vandalism" and "No Bad Comments". 

    Update: I became an admin and a bureaucrat since, Merrystar changed my rights from none to admin and bureaucrat

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Hey guys, I have some idea's for FNAF 3.

    1. Golden Freddy should come back with his exoskeleton in his suit
    1. Foxy my favorite should come back too better than ever
    1. They should find Fredbear's Family Diner and ship them both there
    1. New characters
    1. The Puppet returns and his exoskeleton showing
    2. Balloon Girl should be a new character
    3. There should be ghosts of people who died there
    4.  Golden Bonnie should scare people
    5. Chica and Freddy should be hidden in the game
    6. Every animatronic should be hidden in the game

    That's all I got but you got ideas and Rock on!!!!!!!!!

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    No Vandalism

    February 21, 2015 by ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    No Vandalism on this Wiki!!!! Just clean up this Wiki!!! Undo the vandalism!!!! Come and join the Save this Wiki  group.  

    Update: I now have admin rights

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  • ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    Save this Wiki

    February 17, 2015 by ChuckE.CheeseRocks151

    This Wiki is falling apart I want to be admin. Maybe we should turn this Wiki into a fanon. Why should we vandailize maybe we should fix? This wiki should not shut down!! Please don't take this Wiki down we could use it for something else. Rockyroxay if your reading this just make me admin and take down that vote here thing and make this a fanon. It's that simple. Fanon's are awesome you make not true things in the game. So if you wanna save this Wiki create a poll click here . The questions should be "Turn it into a Fanon Wiki" "Turn it into a Questions Wiki" "Turn it into a Fan Theories Wiki" and "All of the Above". Save this wiki please.

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  • AllTheFunnyThings (ATFT)

    If you look at these two pictures that were both published by Scott Cawthon, you can see that the new foxy in these two pictures don't match up. This could have been that Scott changed his mind...or maybe not. The new foxy in the left picture has a more pointed lower jaw, while the the new foxy in the right picture has a curved mouth. The new foxy in the right picture also doesn't seem to have fur from what we can see from it, while the new foxy in the left picture does. That foxy also has glowing eyes just as the old one, unlike the new foxy in the right picture. The left picture foxy could possible be the old one coming back for revenge, but who knows, seeing as the old foxy also doesn't have the pointed lower jaw.

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