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A coloured/clear version of the "Game over' screen and room, showing the player after being stuffed into the animatronic bear costume.

The backstage area (Or CAM 5) is one of the places you can view on the security camera. There is usually no animatronics passing through it other than Bonnie.


Backstage is the area where extra parts for the animatrons may be stored or generally just a storage area.

It contains unused, souless heads and costumes of the animatronic characters, which rarely may turn to look at you.

Game Over screen

The "Game Over" Screen.

The Classic "Game Over" Screen

The Game Over screen is shown in the backstage area. It depicts a Freddy Fazbear suit, out of which the player's eyes and teeth will have popped, as told by Phone Guy. It says Game Over. When the image is processed, you can see that Mike Schmidt has blue eyes.

Secret Easter Eggs

In some cases in night 1 if you flip to the camera(5)you can see the metal endoskeleton sitting there,right?Well like I said if you flip to it in night 1 you can see the endoskeleton looking at you with big lack and white eyes,like freddy when he jumpscares you.

Also the Souless heads are looking at you with the same eyes,creepy huh?