Baby Stormy is a blue version of baby foxy and the son Of Stormy the pirate fox. Baby Foxy And Him Are Good Cousins. They Play hide and seek and animatronic ditch. Baby Stormy Is Scared Of Bear animatronics due to looking scary to Baby Stormy.


Baby Stormy Was A Young Fox Animatronic Looking Like Stormy but Smaller In Appearance. He Was Created Just Now. He Closely has The same appearance as baby foxy but different color. He Hates Chickens Because His Uncle Is Married with chica (i think).Stormy Seems To like her though. Only Baby Foxy And Baby Stormy Hate Chica.And if this is the case Then Chica is Stormy's Aunt.

Baby Stormy
Baby Stormy
Character Information
Known as Stormy Jr.
Species Animatronic Fox
Gender Boy
Color Blue
Occupation Nothing
Starting location Pirate Cove
First appearance Night 2
Status On
Voice Actor Unknown


Like All Foxes He will start in pirate cove. Here is His Pattern:Pirate Cove-->Dining Room-->Arcade-->East Hall-->Door-->Office.

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